MR.VŨ Elegant

MR.VŨ Elegant

  • Model: Elegant
  • Waranty: 5 Years
  • Install:
  • Price: 295 USD
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Elegant is modern style ceiling fan makes from 3 blades   natural solid wood. The fan was designed for low ceiling, specially is apartment. With motor DC saving 70% electricity ,which helps for the fan smooth operation, creating large amount of wind, spreading throughout the room space, suitable  installed in the space of 15-20m2.


Made inTaiwan ( Made in Taiwan )
Motor size85x25cm
Number of revolutions per minute (RPM)

190 RPM


24(W) ( Maximum power  ) >> SAVING ENERGY 

Fan Blade3 blade natural Wood
Wing colorWalnut Wood , GWO
Wing diameter

 1,32m  =>  See more guides to choose the right ceiling fan.

Motor  DC. Material ALUMINUM
Control- Fan included Remote control with  6 speeds for motor  DC 
LedDon't have
Air Discharge( CFM ): 8000 (Extremely & quiet)
Height to fan blade20cm
Weight 7kg
Suitable installation spaceapartment, living room, Bed room


 Elegant Ceiling fan Optimal choice for bedrooms with smooth, no-noise fan 

The photos of  Royal Elegant ceiling fan installed at Melia Hồ Tràm Apartment 

Elegant ceiling fan combines perfectly with air conditional- electricity saving, circulation make cool fastly and  evenly 

Royal Elegant are ceiling fan style has 3 blades  natural wooden, with heigt to blade only 20cm- suitable for low ceilings from 2.5m

Royal Elegant smooth operation with motor DC suitable for space needs quiet as the bedroom, apartment 

 GWO is the latest color  in the world which is the 2018 design trend.


Fan body was designed carefully and elegantly .

The fan has a natural wind thanks to 3 curved blades.