Royal introduced the beautiful living room ceiling fan pattern. The living room is the center of the house, where the owner is welcoming everyone. A ceiling fan helps decorate the room lights are cool and pleasant. Elegance, refinement of the ceiling fan light is partly reflected taste, class of the owner. Will be the highlight of the whole room , attracted glances of everyone.

MR.VŨ SamaraMR.VŨ SamaraMR.VŨ Samara

MR.VŨ Samara

  • Model: Samara
  • Waranty: 5 Years
  • Install:
  • Price: 304 USD
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Ceiling fan with style modern is made of 3 solid natural wood wings with a ceiling design specifically for low ceilings, ceiling of the apartments, super energy saving DC motors - up to 70% help transport smooth operation, creating a large amount of wind, spreading throughout the room space, suitable fan installed in a space of 15-20m2


Made in Đài Loan ( Made in Taiwan )
Motor size 165x25cm
Engine speed

209 RPM


28(W) ( Highest speed ) >> saving energy

Blades 3 Natural wood blades
Blades colour Wood luxury Walnut

 1,37m  => See more instructions for choosing the right ceiling fan

Remote Control - Fan Includes 6-speed wind control with DC motor
Light no light
Air Flow ( CFM ): 8000 (Extremely cool and smooth )
Height 20cm
Weight 7kg
Suitable installed  Apartment, Living Room, Bedroom

Note: With a low ceiling of less than 2.5m, it is recommended to install fan style with a cowl which is close to the ceiling  and fan blades put in the cage


Ceiling fans for apartments with low ceilings





Royal Samara is designed a cowl close to the ceiling suitable install apartment bedroom, ceiling height from 2.6m

3 natural wood wings Walnut color is very luxurious, curved fan blades  create good air flow and smoothness


Power-saving DC motor is only equal to the power of a light bulb (maximum power of 28w) 6 extremely smooth and cool wind speeds

The model of ceiling fan - Royal Samara with distance to wing only 20cm is very suitable for installation of low ceiling apartments from 2.6m, living room or bedroom are very suitable