MR.VŨ Trend

MR.VŨ Trend

  • Model: Trend
  • Waranty: 5 Years
  • Install:
  • Price: 369 USD
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The cool climate of Nordic pine forests along the Norwegian coast - Let TREND take you to the majestic nature of the Scandinavian forest!

With healthy design  same as the pine trees from Scandinavian areas. Trend  blade made from  Balsa Wood that extremely rare, Motor Dc with fan body was designed compact, fancy and fully  featured, Trend be proud will to supply strong wind spread over your room.

With TREND, you will feel same as get lost in the high mountains and jungle with green tree and nature windy.

Wingspan1m78 , 1m52
Motor  Motor  DC saving energy 
Power  21W
Blade Quatity 3
Height 48cm
Downrod Set  30cm
Fan Body Stainless- steel, inox
Blade material  Balsa Wood, Natural Wood 
Number of revolutions per minute (RPM) 160
Air discharge 8300CFM. Extremely cool 
Remote Control 6 speeds. dieu-khien-royal-dc-new
  Reversal mode